The shuffler struggles to strike a delicate balance while laying the stack of cards placing them one by one on top of each other to build a complete pyramid, ensuring that each card is aligned perfectly on the card and still be able to support the next layer to be built on the top. This sure is a Bottoms up approach !

But how did you introduce agile development for your organization ? Bottoms up or top down ??

Trying to fathom the response brought back memories of my granny who advocated that the family obey the diktats of the holy guru, a regular preacher visiting our house every week. Typical top down again !

But to really push agile development down the throat of your organization is a tough task , which even Ron Jeffrey explains and acknowledges. The entrenched power pits, political chaos and the distributed model followed would indeed doom the initiative.

So do you think that the the bottoms up approach is the only solution left ? Does the bottoms up approach always work ? how did you kick start this among your employees? is there a bright chap who has awakened and who can walk the talk ?

or do you educate the executives and open up the lights for them ?

well I am still looking for the right answers and maybe my card stack is still not ready to go up yet !! if you think that you have a solution, leave in your comments…