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Month: July 2013

Don’t miss the ALN – Delhi Chapter event : “Agile in IT Services”

ALN Delhi NCR Chapter is hosting the Chapter meeting this Saturday, 27th July with a focus on “Agile in IT Services“. This is a FREE event with no registration charges, so spread the word please. If you wish to see the details, here’s the Agenda.

Join me and other speakers from service organizations by registering your seat (only limited  seats). I will also be presenting on the PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Certification Overview and will talk about how you can benefit from this ACP certification in your professional careers. Drop me a personal note if you need more information.

Power of Acceptance Tests : Do you really know ?

Multiple teams struggle with story completions and miss their Definition of Done, and forget how the simple act of conversation via acceptance tests can really make them wiser and their lives less miserable !

So what really happens when you start writing acceptance tests “before” any implementation (of actual code or test code) ?

Here’s what I have experienced –
1. you tell – what you think no one knows
2. you tell – what you think only some of you know
3. you know now – what everyone else thinks that you already should have known
4. you now know  – what everyone else knows
5. everyone knows now – what everybody on the team knows

In the end  : You and everyone on the team are now wiser than you were before this conversation.

So go on and use the Power of Acceptance tests and Be Wiser.

Share your experiences and let me know what you have seen.

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