The Indian Political League (IPL) manifests itself every five years during election times in ways where every party, in truly democratic style, aims to GRAB power at any cost ! The statements and the U-Turns every passing day, are amazing to watch and maybe indicate the professionalism that a political career in India demands (maybe everywhere)?

Do we treat these U-Turns as opportunistic or acknowledge the politician as playing an agile role in the IPL Championships or scoring centuries, who can change his skin based on the demands of his customers at the ‘intention’ of an alliance or break one when ‘threatened’ ?

is it just the environment which forces this agility or is it the bets which a politician makes? is this risk management in the form of a plan B or a plan C, to protect if the bet goes wrong?

do we have this agility in our software development processes to change, based on the external environments and manage the risks? or we simply watch with amazement, and pat the political class for an exceptionally agile performance ?