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LIST OF my Presentations/Talks across conferences :

[Coaching Lean Agile DevOps Product Transformation]

  • My KEY Agile India (Asia’s premier conference) talks –
    • Agile India 2021,
      • see details here, for Lessons in addressing data challenges while using OKRs (Objectives Key Results)
    • Agile India 2015,
      • see details here for Tales of (not so) successful DevOps
      • see details here for Growing up the Product Management Tree House
    • Agile India 2013,
      • see details here for Balanced scorecard for the Agile Enterprise
    • Agile India 2012,
      • see details here for “Agile Governance” workshop

Complete List

Agile India, 2021, Bangalore, details here – ‘Lessons in addressing data challenges while using OKRs (Objectives Key Results)

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Convention, 2018, Bangalore, details here – ‘Accelerating Digital Transformation with Enterprise agility

DevOps Global Summit 2017, Pune, details here – ‘Success and Failure mode for DevOps Transformation’

Agile India 2015, (Asia’s premier conference), Bangalore
– ‘Tales of (not so) successful DevOps’ , details here
– ‘Growing up the Product Management Tree’ , details here

Agile Testing Alliance Global Gathering 2014, Bangalore
– ‘Robot Framework: Lord of the Rings’, details here

Agile India 2013 (Asia’s premier conference) Kerala, Agile Tour 2011, Pune
– ‘Balanced scorecard for the Agile Enterprise’, details here

Agile Leadership Network 2013, Delhi
– ‘Agile Testing: Past, Present and Future’, details here

Agile NCR 2013, and Agile Scrum ‘International’ Summit 2012, Bangalore
– ‘Agile engineering practices – New World Order’, details here

Agile In Business 2013, Agile NCR 2011, Delhi
– ‘7 Steps to winning the Agile wars’

Agile India 2012 (Asia’s premier conference), Bangalore
– ‘Agile Governance’ workshop, details here

Agile Tour 2012, Hyderabad
– ‘Acceptance Test Driven Development, using Robot FX’, details here

STC QAI 2012
– ‘Continuous Testing, Enabling quality across the application lifecycle’,

Scrum India, 2010 North India
– ‘Product Manager version 2.0’, details here (slides) and here