In the quest to deliver business value quicker, enterprise agile transformations are common and growing, leaving the organization CXO’s confused and struggling in the myriad universe of agile process and tools. They hear Scrum, Lean, XP, Kanban, DSDM, FDD, and are asking their team which ones should I choose ? Based on my experiences with enterprise wide transformations, I would love to share as to what really is my secret sauce?

The answer is not a simple YES only Scrum works ! and NO XP does not work !

Instead the real story is about a new breed of agilistas, who are mixing the various ingredients and bringing an integration of the various methodologies to deliver the promise of faster turnarounds and keeping the CXO’s smiling. The amazing process landscape map by Mark Kennaley, as referred by Carson Holmes, summarizes this beautifully below and points to the SDLC3.0 wave approaching and becoming the new world order till we get to the next evolution.

SDLC 3.0
Courtsey: Fourth Medium Consulting

As the agile community evolves, the real adoption levels of these varied methodologies will always remain a hot topic…but now you know my secret sauce! But I would really love to hear your comments on which methodologies are actually converging in your organization? Is it Scrum and Kanban ? or Lean and XP practices with AMDD ? Tell me about your secret sauce in the comments now.