TalkIn order to reduce operational risks, organizations put in CONTROLS, typically via Change Management processes. The outputs typically feed into the compliance/audit personnel needs, and satisfy them, but the legacy audit mindset CONFLICTS with the DevOps team mindset.

Therefore to minimize this friction, see my #1 tip in this post on how to work with the change management processes, and teams. I will be sharing more tips in my next posts.

TIP #1 – TALK to your Audit/Compliance team

  1. ASK – Why does your audit team need the Change information? 
  2. ASK – What will they do with the Change information? 
  3. ASK – What level of granularity of data about the Change is required? 
  4. ASK – Are there alternate sources of the same Change data?
  5. ASK – When do they need this Change information?

Speaking the same language (audit-speak) and asking them questions, will give you as an IT team a better understanding of the Audit/Compliance process. You may be surprised by the technical nature of the various ACTS (Financial \ Healthcare etc.) and start to appreciate them even.

So just go ahead and START a conversation with your Audit/Compliance team members now, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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